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NECA’s education and professional development programs provide information and instruction on innovation, business trends and effective leadership that electrical contractors can only get from the industry leader. We provide the education and training that keeps our members on the forefront of the electrical contracting industry.

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This session will discuss the importance of construction professionals leveraging data to improve their decision-making process will have a significant competitive advantage allowing them to build a culture of continuous improvement through benchmarking.

This interactive live online event will focus on identifying ways to minimize fraud though internal controls and managements role in reducing fraud within your company.

This interactive live online event will focus on challenges contractors face, the opportunities to overcome them, and some best practices to foster and achieve success.

This years Falls Stand Down Webinar will focus on providing information related to conducting a Proper Stand Down Event from OSHA as well research and implementing Fall Protection measures to protect employees. 

Evansville, IN, US

This course focuses on how to use the 3 sources of data namely, Estimating, Field and Accounting using simple statistical methods to improve the hit ratios and accuracy of the estimates.

This interactive, live, online event will help an electrical contractor develop and document a claim by using a variety of resources NECA has published.

This interactive, live, online event will focus on accurate estimates that are vital to a contractor’s survival and one wrong estimate can erode the entire company’s profits.

This interactive, live, online event will focus on various types of expenses incurred by an electrical contractor in support of a proper determination of overhead and burden rates.

San Diego, CA, US

This blended learning course focuses on process for assembling an estimate including: developing material lists, applying labor unit data, material takeoff and application of direct job costs, overhead, and profit.

Meridian, ID, US

This half-day, in-seat course focuses on identifying and eliminating potential blind spots to those behaviors which could be sabotaging performance and create dysfunctional cultures impacting safety, quality and productivity.

This interactive, live, online event will provide participants with a clear understanding of the background of Lean in Construction, why it’s important, why it’s effective and why they should care.

This interactive, live, online event will focus on case studies that illustrate methodologies for measuring and managing jobsite productivity for sustainable, breakthrough performance gains.

St. Louis Park , MN, US

This full-day, in-seat course focuses on what electrical contractors need to know about Building Information Modeling and the process of generating and managing building data during its lifecycle.

Bloomington, MN, MN, US

This one-day, in-seat course focuses on overcoming huddles that could inhibit a job and maintaining focus in on-site jobs.

This interactive, live, online event will focus on how well defined, scalable systems and processes deployed with technology and used consistently by everyone in the company are the foundation to minimizing risk and achieving predictable results.

This interactive, live, online two-day session will identify the characteristics and habits of employee safety and will explain how their buy-in affects the company’s safety culture.

This interactive, live, online event will focus on the principles of project scheduling and time management, with focus on owner and general contractor schedule breakdown, Work Breakdown Structure, total job scheduling and planning, feedback and optimization of tasks.

Duluth, MN , MN, US

This one-day, in-seat course focuses on identifying when a change order is and isn't necessary and minimizing reverberating effects as a result of change orders.

Scottsdale, AZ

This interactive, live, online event will layout the required structure and tools needed for contractors to get ready to adopt industrialization, reduce cost and stay profitable.

Philadelphia, PA

San Diego, CA

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