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Why Should My Company be in a Focus Group? Webinar - Wednesday, July 22, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

  • 07/22/2020

In today’s electrical contracting industry, it has become even more critical that your company’ financial condition is in top shape and that you and your team are using the tools required to have a solid grasp on your financial position. Margins are tighter every day and performance and good management skills are necessary to carry your company into the future.

The idea of a peer, or focus, group, is to bring together electrical contractors of similar size from different geographic areas (no two contractors in the same group can be competitors) to compare financial data with your peers, discuss industry financial topics and share best practices to strengthen the contractors financial condition within the industry.

In our experience with other contractor businesses using the peer group approach, we have witnessed several thorough discussions on financial topics that all contractors see on a daily basis. We have seen contractors learn more about their businesses and understand their financials more clearly. This is important as we have worked with contractors who do not take the time to understand their financial statements and, when they do, it allows them to make more informed and better decisions for their company.

Speakers: David O'Brien & Craig Bodette with Mosley, Pfundt, Glick & O’Brien, Inc

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