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About the Committee

The NECA Codes and Standards Committee is involved with development, administration, and enforcement of installation codes, safety standards, product standards, and other related industry regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, the National Electrical Code (NEC®), National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS™), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), Various NFPA Standards, UL Safety Standards, and OSHA Regulations. Members of the NECA Codes and Standards Committee serve on National Electrical Code-Making Panels, NEIS Technical Subcommittees, and other standards development committees and subcommittees.


NECA’s role in the standards development process is important to the electrical industry, as it has been for over one hundred years. NECA is the voice of installers and maintainers at the NEC hearings and is a vital part of developing Code rules that are understandable, practical, and enforceable. NECA takes this responsibility very seriously and values the opportunity to serve the industry working with NFPA in the development of the NEC and other key electrical industry standards.

The NECA representatives are appointed to technical committees to represent the interests of the electrical contractor in electrical code and standard development. NECA representatives provide the voice of electrical contractors including installers and maintainers. The NFPA technical committee membership classification of NECA representatives is I/M which stands for Installer/Maintainer. This classification provides representation of entities in the business of installing or maintaining a product, assembly, or system affected by the standard. The NECA representatives are responsible for taking part in the discussions and debates at the meetings and hearings of the committee during the cycle of development. NECA representatives participate in this open consensus process and vote in the best interest of electrical contractors and their employees.

2018 Codes & Standards Committee Roster

  • James McDonald, Chair
    Vice President District 8
    J & M Electric Inc
    Missoula, MY
  • Kyle Krueger
    Milwaukee Chapter
    Wauwatosa, WI
  • Martin Adams
    Southern Colorado Chapter
    Adams Electric Inc
    Pueblo, CO
  • Kelly Lamp
    Idaho Chapter
    Boise, ID
  • William A Brunner
    Dakotas Chapter
    Main Electric Construction Inc
    Minot, ND
  • James McGowan
    QUANTA Services Inc
    Houston, TX
  • Charles Carter
    Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter
    Matrix NAC
    Eddystone, PA
  • Fred Neubauer
    Los Angeles County Chapter
    Neubauer Electric Inc
    Garden Grove, CA
  • Scott Cline
    Los Angeles County Chapter
    McMurtrey Electric Inc
    Monterey Park, CA
  • Timothy O'Brien
    San Diego County Chapter
    Chula Vista Electric
    Santee, CA
  • Larry Cogburn
    North Florida Chapter
    Cogburn Bros Electric Inc
    Jacksonville, FL
  • Nathan Philips
    Oregon-Pacific-Cascade Chapter
    Integrated Electronic Systems
    Eugene, OR
  • Robert Davies Jr
    San Diego Chapter
    Davies Electric Company Inc
    San Diego, CA
  • Steve Poholski
    Michigan Chapter
    Newkirk Electric Associates Inc
    Muskegon, MI
  • Larry Geyer
    Idaho Chapter
    Quality Electric Inc.
    Boise , ID
  • Don Rabel
    Southeast Texas Chapter
    Mid-West Electric Co Inc
    Houston, TX
  • Bobby J. Gray
    Hoydar-Buck Inc
    Yakima, WA
  • Harry J Sassaman
    Northern New Jersey Chapter
    Forest Electric Corporation
    Edison, NJ
  • Tim Hinson
    North Florida Chapter
    Miller Electric Company
    Jacksonville, FL
  • Timothy J Schultheis II
    Western Pennsylvania Chapter
    Schultheis Electric / TSB Inc
    Latrobe, PA
  • Bruce D Shelly
    Pen-Del-Jersey Chapter
    Shelly Electric Company Inc
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Michael J Johnston, Secretary
    Executive Director, Standards & Safety
    NECA Inc
    Bethesda, MD
  • Michael W Smith
    St. Louis Chapter
    Schaeffer Electric Company
    St. Louis, MO
  • Wesley L Wheeler, Assistant Secretary
    Director, Safety
    NECA Inc
    Bethesda, MD
  • Richard W Tice
    Mahoning Valley Chapter
    VEC Inc
    Girard, OH
  • Ronald J Toomer
    Baton Rouge Chapter
    Toomer Electric Company Inc
    Baton Rouge, LA
  • Steve Trapp
    Oregon-Columbia Chapter
    Christenson Electric Inc
    Portland, OR
  • Michael P Weaver
    Oregon-Pacific-Cascade Chapter
    M & W Electric Inc
    Albany, OR
  • Jason Wolf
    Iowa Chapter
    ESCO Electric Company
    Marion , IA
  • Thomas H Wood
    Northern Illinois Chapter
    Cecil B Wood Inc
    Rockford, IL
  • Paul J Yesbeck
    South Florida Chapter
    Acolite Claude United Sign Co
    Hialeah, FL