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By collective bargaining agreements, labor disputes in the industry are referred to the Council on Industrial Relations and parties to the disputes are pledged to abide by the result of this voluntary arbitration procedure. It hears disputes that cannot be settled locally and makes decisions. As a result of this procedure, millions of dollars in lost wages have been saved for electrical workers and millions of dollars in lost business opportunities have been preserved for electrical contractors.

The Council was founded in 1920, and it is sponsored by the IBEW and NECA. It is composed of a panel of 12 regular members and alternates, half of whom are appointed by each sponsoring organization.

When selecting NECAs appointees to serve on the Council, the President is guided by the recommendations contained in the Board of Governors 1953 Resolution regarding the matter. Experience has shown that the geographical location of members is relatively unimportant. However, a measure of consideration is given to it.

Regular meetings are held quarterly in February, May, August and November, at such times and place as may be selected by its Executive Committee. The Council adopts and publishes its own rules of procedure. It is not subject to the unilateral control of either of its sponsors. When in session, its members are expected to represent the industry, rather than either of the sponsoring organizations.

2018 Council on Industrial Relations

  • David Long, Co-Chair
    Miller Electric Company
    Jacksonville, FL
  • Jody Shea
    Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter
    Service Electric Company
    Chattanooga, TN
  • John M Grau, Co-Chair
    Chief Executive Officer
    NECA Inc
    Bethesda, MD
  • Mark Walter
    Oregon-Columbia Chapter
    Christenson Electrical INC
    Portland, OR
  • Wes Anderson, Co-Chair
    Vice President Disctric 4
    Aderson Electric Inc
    Springfild, IL
  • Jules W Weaver
    Western Line Constructors Chapter
    Midvale, UT
  • Thomas G Halpin, Co-Chair
    Vice President District 10
    Haugland Energy Group LLC
    Hingham, MA
  • Martin West
    Northeast Louisana Chapter
    Twin City Electric LLC
    West Monroe , LA
  • Geary M Higgins, Treasurer
    Vice President, Labor Relations
    NECA Inc
    Bethesda, MD
  • James Bowles (Future Leader)
    Gulf Coast Chapter
    B Electric Inc
    Florence, AL
  • Jerri L Champlin
    Monterey Bay California Chapter
    Salinas, CA
  • Steve Krieg, Alternate
    Executive Director
    Eastern Region NECA
    Mishawaka, IN
  • Michael Gilchrist
    Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter
    Scarsdale, NY
  • Bill C Orgill, Alternate
    Executive Director
    Western Region NECA
    Olympia, WA
  • Don Laffoon
    Kansas City Chapter
    Electrial Corporation of America
    Raytown, MO
  • Mitchell J Marquart
    Missouri Valley Line Constructors Chapter
    Sachs Electric Company
    Fenton, MO
  • B David Roberts, Alternate
    Executive Director
    Southern Region NECA
    Covington, LA
  • Jeffrey P Scarpello
    Pann-Del-Jesery Chapter NECA
    King of Prussia, PA