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Rep. Tim Walberg Speaks at NECA’s Labor Relations Conference
NECA looks forward to the prospect of continuing our work alongside Rep. Walberg and were honored to have him as our keynote speaker.
NECA Legislative Top Three 4/19/19: Tax Day Message & House Leaders Address NECA Conferences
April 15, 2019 marked the first Tax Day under the new tax code created in the NECA-supported Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). To mark the occasion, NECA CEO David Long issued a statement.
The Countdown 4/19/19
national lineman appreciation
Special Lineman Appreciation Day Announcement from NECA President Larry Beltramo
Today marks an important day for NECA. It’s the day we salute the special group of men and women who are recognized on National Lineman Appreciation Day.
It's National Lineman Appreciation Day!
April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day #thankalineman
Upcoming Free NEIS Webinar: Standards as High as Your Own
NECA invites you to join Aga Golriz and Mike Johnston in an upcoming free webinar event titled NEIS: Standards as High as Your Own on Wednesday, April 24 at 11:00am EDT.
ELECTRI International Researcher Jerry Rounds Set to Lead Project Management Course at NTI
ELECTRI International announces that researcher Jerry Rounds will be leading a class during the 30th Annual National Training Institute (NTI)
NECA Now 2019 Wrap-Up
Complete the 2019 survey, and find out how to obtain your education certificates!
NECA Now 2019 Silent Auction Raises Money for Phoenix School
Electrical contractors gave back to the Phoenix community in a big way during NECA Now 2019.
Electrical Contractors Continue Push for Permanent Tax Reform on Tax Day
With Tax Day here, the National Electrical Contractors Association’s Chief Executive Officer, David Long, released the following statement on NECA’s tax policy agenda
Silent Auction at NECA Now 2019 Raises Money for Phoenix School
Electrical contractors gave back to the Phoenix community in a big way during NECA Now 2019.
Two NECA Green Energy Challenge Teams in the News with Project Location Teasers
NECA's GEC engages university students and faculty advisors in an annual event that fosters meaningful student interaction with their community and NECA member companies.
The Countdown 4/12/19
Recalled wireless charger in packaging
Matco Tools Wireless Chargers Recalled by Professional Tool Products Due to Burn Hazard
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled chargers and return them to the place of purchase for either a full refund or Matco Tools store credit of equal value.

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