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The Gold Standard: Trump Administration Recognizes Unique Role of the Construction Industry in Creating New Apprenticeship Mode
The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) applauds President Trump for his decision to recognize the construction industry’s longstanding expertise in the creation and execution of apprenticeships in a proposed rule issued today by the U.S. Department of Labor that would govern the creation of Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs).
Preconvention Workshops Provide Early Chance for Growth at NECA 2019 Las Vegas
As regular attendees know, education is a huge part of NECA conventions. NECA 2019 Las Vegas will be no different.
NECA Endorses MCAA Change Order Publication
The National Electrical Contractors Association has endorsed the 2018 edition of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America’s (MCAA) publication Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime—A Primer for the Construction Industry.
Rosendin Electric Sponsors Construction Camp for Girls in Texas
Rosendin Electric, a California-based member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, was the title sponsor of a recent construction camp for girls.
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NECA Helps Defeat Apprenticeship Amendment in House of Representatives
The National Electrical Contractors Association has delivered a major victory to members on NECA/IBEW apprenticeships in the House of Representatives.
NECA CEO David Long Offers Perspective in Specialty Contracting Section for ENR
National Electrical Contractors Association CEO David Long participated in a roundtable discussion facing the industry’s top leaders in this month’s issue of Specialty Contracting Today.
NECA, ELECTRI Seek Respondents for Survey on Union Inside Market Share Growth
The National Electrical Contractors Association and ELECTRI International are requesting input from members of the electrical construction industry for a study intended to support the 1025 initiative to increase market share of union inside electrical contractors.
NECA 70E Training Receives Department of Energy Reciprocity
NECA’s two-day workshop on NFPA 70E has been approved by the DOE National Training Center, positioning NECA members to better take advantage of DOE work.
Forest Electric Corporation Awarded First NECA Safety Ambassadors Medal
When it comes to safety in 2018, Forest Electric Corporation’s record was above the rest.
June is National Safety Month
The National Electrical Contractors Association joined the National Safety Council and thousands of other organizations across the country in recognizing National Safety Month.
Get the Details on Educational Offerings Coming to NECA 2019 Las Vegas
Conventions are the perfect place to learn and share new information, skills and concepts. As always, NECA will be providing attendees with a full slate of education at NECA 2019 Las Vegas on September 14-17.
NECA's Greater Boston Chapter Partners with the Boston Red Sox
The NECA Boston Chapter, in a partnership with the Boston Red Sox, is joining forces with IBEW Local 103 as drop-off locations for an annual sports equipment drive this month.
NLMCC in Michigan Makes Donation to Yankee Air Museum Campaign
The IBEW Local 252–SouthCentral Division NECA Labor Management Cooperation Committee is making a $25,200 donation to a local museum in Michigan.
Updates for ConsensusDOCS Member Discount Codes and Renewals
There have been some recent updates to ConsensusDOCS and how member discounts and automatic renewals work.
NECA-Supported 529 Legislation Passes House, Moves to Senate for Consideration
The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) continues to make headway on Capitol Hill as another one of NECA’s top legislative priorities passed through the House of Representatives on May 23.
NECA Chapter Works on New Videoboard at Minor League Ballpark in Washington
A National Electrical Contractors Association chapter in the Pacific Northwest helped hit one project for a local baseball team out of the park.

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