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Safety Notice Issued for Genie Terex Brand Turntable Rotation Bearing Bolts

Feb 06, 2020

Genie has been notified of three instances where the bottom turntable rotation bearing bolts in the machines referenced above have come loose causing the separation of the turntable from the chassis. Separation of the turntable from the chassis can result in a machine tip-over or other structural failure.

Models and Serial Numbers Affected:

Machines with a year of manufacture 2019 up to the release date of this notice:

Model Serial Range: S-65 S60H-39903 to 40455 S-60XC & S-65XC S60XCH-45009 to 46426, S65XCH-45007 to 46425, S-60X S60XH-39397 to 40454

Download the safety notice