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National Electrical Contractors Association Forms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force

Dec 18, 2020

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) announced it has formed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Task Force, made up of 20 NECA national staff members, chapter staff, and executives from member companies. Task Force members represent the entire United States, including all 10 NECA districts. 


This Task Force was formed with the mission of developing an awareness and education platform to foster a work environment within the electrical industry that supports each person’s unique differences. Its members will strive to create a long-term cultural shift, on national and local levels, where each person can thrive and be empowered to contribute to the overall success of our industry. 


The Task Force and its subcommittees are working hard to create deliverables across all sectors of NECA for 2021 and beyond to fulfill the above mission statement. This will include education sessions and training modules, digital resources, surveys, and much more to engage NECA members and the entire electrical construction industry on these important topics. 


“Our vision at NECA is to empower lives and communities throughout the United States,” said David Long, NECA CEO. “In the creation of this task force, we hope to empower each and every person—regardless of background, race, gender, or any other factor—to succeed and be able to grow in our industry. Electrical construction is a truly rewarding career, and we need to join together and ensure this opportunity exists for everybody.” 


NECA members are encouraged to reach out to the DE&I Task Force at dei@necanet.org to offer their thoughts on what they would like to see this group address or offer in the months and years to come. 


Here is a complete list of DE&I Task Force members: 


  • Edwin Lopez – New York City Chapter 

  • Joseph Kaluhiokalani – Aloha Communications Contractors 

  • Debra Margraf – Arizona Chapter, NECA 

  • Stephen Harvey – 1 Electric LLC 

  • Kristin Causby – Minneapolis Chapter NECA 

  • Kendra Dinkins – Taylor Electric Company 

  • Juanita Mitchell – Northern California Chapter NECA 

  • Maurice Rahming – O’Neill Construction Group 

  • Joshua Wheeler – Wheeler Electric 

  • Kevin Moran – American Line Builders Chapter, NECA 

  • Paige Richards – Mountain Power Construction Company 

  • Sam Lacher – Central Indiana Chapter, NECA 

  • Jef Fagan – NECA  

  • Ronald Bailey – NECA 

  • Peter Mastrorocco – NECA 

  • Marco Giamberardino – NECA 

  • Wanessa Alves – NECA 

  • Tom McLean – NECA 

  • James Farrell – NECA 

  • Ian Andrews – NECA 


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