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NECA 2018 Legislative Conference

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Work for Solutions. Advocate for Change. Make a Difference.

This annual meeting is the premiere legislative conference for electrical contractors to hear about the top issues affecting the industry and to meet the leaders who are working to provide real solutions.

During the Conference, we will use our collective voice to advance NECA’s top legislative issues on behalf of our industry. Participants will take part in issue briefings and engage with Members of Congress and Washington insiders while gaining a first-hand perspective on the legislative process. Registrants will have the opportunity to meet with their Members of Congress in their offices as well as legislative leaders at our Congressional Reception at NECA’s office on Capitol Hill. For more, see what you missed at the 2017 conference »

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About the Conference


NECA’s Government Affairs team has been working throughout the 115th Congress advocating NECA’s legislative agenda and the issues that impact the bottom line of NECA contractors. This will be your best opportunity to come to Washington, D.C., tell lawmakers your story, and help them understand the issues affecting your business. 

NECA’s top priorities for 2018 include a wide variety of issues aimed at ensuring the businesses of NECA contractors continue to grow and prosper. These important issues include: investing in our nation’s infrastructure, creating new and innovative multi employer defined benefit pension plans, and comprehensive tax reform.

Through your participation during these critical days, we will use our collective voice to advance these issues on behalf of our industry. Participants in the Conference will take part in issue briefings and engage with Members of Congress and Washington insiders while gaining a unique perspective on the legislative process. All registrants have the opportunity to meet with legislative leaders in their offices and at our Congressional Reception. 

NECA staff will ensure that all participants will have the opportunity to meet with their members of Congress and will provide assistance in helping them communicate effectively with prepared position papers and preparatory meetings putting forth the necessary talking points. By taking an active role in the policymaking process, participants are contributing to the success of the electrical contracting industry by sending Congress the message that NECA leads the industry in establishing and maintaining the highest workforce standards and performance. Join forces with other NECA members and staff working on the Association’s behalf in Washington. 

Together, we can guide legislative change for our industry and the people we serve.

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NOTE: You will be redirected to make your hotel reservations once your meeting registration has been completed. 

** Be sure to book your flight to arrive in Washington, DC the morning of May 16 and depart on May 18.

Capitol Hill Visits

Meetings with Members of Congress are critically important to a successful advocacy strategy on Capitol Hill.

We encourage participants to take an active role in the policymaking process and participate in Capitol Hill visits. Constituent meetings with Members of Congress are critical to the success of NECA’s advocacy strategy on Capitol Hill. After all, NECA contractors are creating jobs, voting and paying taxes in a member’s district—they should hear first hand about your business and what matters to you!

NECA’s top legislative priorities for 2018 are aimed at optimizing the business climate in which NECA contractors operate. Advancing these important issues—infrastructure investment, repeal of the “Cadillac Tax,” and new pension plans—are crucial to the growth and prosperity of our industry. NECA staff will provide advocates with prepared position papers, talking points and preparatory meetings so participants are equipped to discuss these topics.

For more information on the Capitol Hill visits, please contact necagovtaffairs@necanet.org.

Political Leadership Council (PLC) Summit

This year’s annual Political Leadership Council (PLC) Summit will continue to coincide with the NECA National Legislative Conference. PLC members are encouraged to participate in the Legislative Conference, as well as special, invitation only events that will feature high profile speakers. From interacting with Members of Congress at the PLC sponsored Congressional Reception to participating in exclusive briefings and business meetings, the Summit allows PLC members to continue integrating political action into their daily activities. PLC chapters and members embody a commitment of extraordinary magnitude and exemplify leadership within the electrical construction industry through their generous NECAPAC contributions. They help secure the policy priorities of our members and increase the visibility of NECA. Membership in the PLC, and access to its corresponding events, is open to all NECA members and chapters.

If you are interested in joining the PLC and participating in the Summit’s exclusive events after the Conference, either through a personal contribution or through working with other members to meet your chapter’s goal, please contact NECA’s Government Affairs staff.

We look forward to welcoming our PLC members taking part in the 2018 Summit. We are grateful for our PLC members who have shown dedication and commitment to a vigorous government affairs program and who help to ensure that NECA has the resources to continue to make an impact on the national legislative landscape.

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