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2021 NECA Guide to Policies and Best Practices for NFPA 70E (5127-21) Digital Resource Kit

NECA has developed this guide to assist contractors and employers in communicating safety policies and best practices to employees when working around electricity. By utilizing this guide, a company can develop specific policies and best practices for their company to better manage their electrical safety program. Having this as a resource also shows off your commitment to electrical safety and that you are following the requirements in NFPA 70E, The Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

The guide provides a template for use in creating policies and best practices and includes samples and tools for your company to develop written programs that are easily communicated to employees and customers.

Policies included in the guide: overall compliance with NFPA 70E, what dictates a “Qualified Person”, and electrical safety training. A few of the best practices include voltage testing, job briefings, and temporary power on construction sites.

NECA Digital Resources kits includes a training PowerPoint, a PDF copy of the guide and any forms or checklists that are associated with the guide.

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